Monday, March 26, 2012


Welcome to the MO Homeschool Hookup Blog!  I'm so excited to have this page up and running!  For those of you unaware, my name is Janelle and I started this group on July 7, 2011.  My sister-in-law began the KS Homeschool Hookup one year ago and for months tried to convience me to begin my own sister site.  I didn't have any interest in it because I didn't think I could find the time. One day I recieved an e-mail from another homeschool mom who was so desperate to connect her children that she was willing to drive 1 1/2  hours each way just to find another homeschooling family to connect with!  That was the day I changed my mind about creating this page. I felt helpless that I couldn't help her since she was looking to connect with someone who had teenagers and my children were, at that time, all 6 and under. I didn't want anyone to feel that alone when I knew there had to be other homeschoolers in her area with teenagers, she just didn't have a way to find them. My goal was to create a place where we can connect with one another as  Christian homeschooling parents, connect our children, find resources, and bring each other encouragement, without having to pay for it. In the last 10 months we've managed to connect 124 members thus far!
Currently I am working on putting together a planning committee with the goal of being able to offer more field trips, parties, playdates and activities. I hope you enjoy our new blog!  I'm excited to see where God leads us . . .